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Green Circles- Points (Evol Mix)

18 Nov

Tracked by Larry Crane at Jackpot! in 2002, mixed by Jonathan Allen at Evol Recordings; Fargo.

Almost there…

18 Nov


So all the construction material finally arrived for the new mixing suite. Hope to have everything moved over, installed and set up by this time next week. It’s been a long time coming.

Immediately,  I’ll be jumping back into the Hawkeye project with Matthew Strange (who I play with in Daydream Machine). Then there’s some DM in the near future too.  Plenty of time to pick up some other projects. Get at me (jonathan/at/ if you have something for me to take a look at.

I have mentioned rates anywhere on this site yet, but I will. For the time being, it’s totally project by project basis.  In other words, you could get a fantastic deal at the moment as I break in the new room.


Why you should remember the forgotten roll of the mix engineer…

11 Nov

With a little help…

“People seem to be happy with the concept that a Mastering Engineer is a new fresh pair of ears that can bring perspective to your mix. They also seem happy with the concept that the Mastering Engineers experience and equipment is worth paying for. This can also apply to mixing, but seems to be ignored, maybe you are too close to the song to have perspective or maybe you’re a great arranger/writer but really can’t mix. I’ve already stated that mastering is not magical panacea for a bad mix. You would be surprised that a lot of really experienced mix engineers working out of compact but well equipped rooms are very affordable these days.”


11 Nov

So, ok, yeah, sites are fairly lame in their restricted customization and it’s time to morph the Evol site into something more concrete and more EVOL. Darling Media is hard at work, making something truly wonderful. So please forgive the stagnant,  prefab style of this site, promise it’ll change soon.

In other news, we saw the amazing Portland via Minneapolis band Is/is tonight as well as Tucson band Burning Palms (so amazing). It would be a true honor to work on a project with both or either bands. These are some pretty amazing and fearless ladies. So freaking good. Dig it.


The Know, 11/10/14


6 Nov

Evol Recordings is about to have a new home! In the process of setting up a fully treated mixing and overdub room in what I like to call Revolver III! It’s located at about 20th and E Burnside, rented from the wonderful guys at Revolver Studio. Its looking like I will be up and running by early December!


Here’s a track from my 90’s lofi days, enjoy!

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