It’s been a while…

5 May

But things are coming back swinging! About to wrap up the sophomore albums by Hollow Sidewalks and Hawkeye. Then it’s time to track the next Daydream Machine record with Greg Williams  (of Dandy Warhols- Thirteen Tales fame) before I take the basic tracks and transform them into the sophomore album from Daydream. I can promise, this one is going new places! Also had the pleasure of tracking Jsun Atoms (the Upsidedown, Daydream Machine, PIA) for a collaboration with members of Blue Oyster Cult and Hawkwind!

Hope to have some new sounds up soon. I am now running sessions at Revolver on a project by project basis. The new Hollow Sidewalks was recorded and mixed by me where as the majority of the Hawkeye record was tracked by Collin Hegna with additional tracking and mixing by me.

In other news, I’ll soon have a professionally designed project studio up here in the west hills with a large iso room and an open tracking/mixing room.

So it’s that time again, as I wrap these two records, I’m looking for another. Daydream starts tracking in mid June,  giving me plenty of time to start something new. Be in touch!




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